Monday, 21 March 2011

Dream I

Just a little snippet, because it's the most vivid in my mind.

Things led up to me being at some kind of convention (previous to that, where was a lake with little boats and other such things). My ex was there, and just blanked me. This really got to me, and I ended up chasing them, trying to get them to talk to me. I even scrawled down a letter and tried to forced it into their hand, but they wouldn't take it, and just walked off. I went after them, and just broke down as the walked up a rather upwards sloping path, yelling "Why won't you talk to me? I miss you!" and then gave a garbled explanation of how I meant I missed them as a friend, and nothing more than that, and I missed how we used to have fun and stuff, but they still just carried on walking.

Kinda baffling, that one...
Just makes me think 'I miss my ex?', but I imagine that it's just because I tried to ask them something on msn last night (for the first time in months, may I add...) as I thought they'd be the best person to help me out, and their current whatever replied instead. I got a bit urked by that...