Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dream II

Strange dreams are strange.
I was with Salla, but she had to go somewhere to meet her sister, so she drove me somewhere and dropped me off, saying, basically, this is far as I can go, you can get home from here. After a short walk, I ended up in a little harbour town, and there were boats being pulled in my lovely fuzzy seals. I saw a sign which, as far as I could tell, looked like it was in Welsh. However, I decided that I couldn't be in Wales, that was stupid, 'cause I wasn't in the car long enough - I must be in Scotland.
Still having no clue where I was, I walked on and ended up near what seemed like an amazing water park, kinda like 'Wet 'n' Wild' (I should totally go there soon), and was thinking that I might have time to go there once I found out where I was and how I was getting home. Behind me, there was an information desk thing with someone who looked a bit like Phoe. I tried asking her where I was, and she spoke back at me in what was apparently 'Gaelic'. She managed to say in English that the girl who usually spoke in English wasn't there, and pulled out a leaflet which was in this unknown language (possible Gaelic?).
Still baffled, I turned and walked back the way I came and spotted Kenny (a friend of mine), who just happened to be in this place with Liam, Ash, Stacey and my ex. Stacey and my ex were making out in a corner. I grabbed the ex's face and dragged her away slightly, punched her in it and started yelling about everything she'd done to me, saying that she'd made me try to commit suicide. Her reaction was basically 'So what?' and she skipped off with Stacey.
I went back to Kenny and asked him where I was, but he wasn't very helpful. Him, Liam and I wandered over to a sweet shop, where I got pestered by a short, fat creeper boy who kept staring at my boobs. We left and ended up walking around some little.... thing. I'm not sure what it was, but it had a gift shop. Wandered around the gift shop to look at various wrist cuffs and bracelets - some tribal, some steampunk - and merrily tried them on.
Needless to say, I never found out where I was or how to get home, as I woke up at that point.

I do wonder where I started off with Salla, because I doubt that she drove me from Finland to apparently Scotland.
I did rather enjoy yelling at my ex, tough.