Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dream III

I was in a doorless, windowless room, dimly lit from cracks in the walls. It was empty, apart from eighteen faceless figures. Half had red hair, half had purple, all were wearing my clothes. They were all me, only... faceless. They stayed still, standing on the spot. I walked past and around them, and they turned their heads to follow me.
As I got to the middle of this group of faceless 'me's, they all started to move. Scared, I ran back to the edge of the room, pressed my back up against the wall and watched.

At the exact same time, each one of them brought their right hand up to their chest, then pushed it inside, through the clothes, the skin and cracking their bones. They paused for a moment before pulling their hands back out and holding their arms towards me, each one holding their own beating heart. One by one, they crumpled to the ground.

The last figure kept standing. The one furthest away from me. It hadn't ripped its own heart out. It was just standing there, head bowed forwards. I walked over. As I got close, it lifted its head up. Still faceless, like the others, but this one was different. This one wasn't me. The face shape was different, the build was different and it had feathers in its hair, which was a different shade of red. It looked at me (or, would have, if it had eyes) and said, somehow 'You did this.'
With those words, this figure reached forward and started sinking both of its hands into my chest, and a face began to form. A mouth, a nose, and the greenest eyes...

And that is where I woke up.
And I am glad.
No dream has freaked me out as much as that in a long time.

I must say, though, I do wonder what would have happened next.