Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Dream IV

Ok, today we have a strange one.

I was me, but not me, and I was in a snowy forest with chat-friends-who-weren't-them. Y'know, when you perceive people to be people you know, but they look/act nothing alike. In the middle of the forest, there was a river. It had frozen over or, rather, frozen completely, and had a thick layer of snow on the top. This frozen river was used as a path through the trees by logging trucks.

By the sides of the river, there were tree trunks on their sides, acting as little barricades. At points, there were guards with guns. Not your normal type of gun, though. They shot something which resembled golf balls. I think they were to keep people away from the logging route.

Me and these friends turned out to be some kind of forest-dwelling anti-logging revolutionaries. We noticed that a few guards had gone, perhaps on a break or to switch or something, so we stole a couple of the golf ball guns and stuffed them instead with snowballs that had been compacted almost to the point of ice. The others cleared the snow from the from river while me and another (I think it was not-Holly) manned the golf/snow/iceball gun. I shot one of the guards in the head, which promptly killed him. Somehow. I shot one of the others, which made him slip and fall on the now-icy river. At this point, one of the logging trucks came along. Not-Holly grabbed the gun, stuffed more snowballs in it and shot at the truck, which made it end up sliding sideways, crushing the remaining guards and a fair chunk of the not-chat people. And not-Holly.

I ran up the hill behind where we were, which was still in the forest and covered in trees. It got steeper, and I had to climb instead. As I climbed, my teeth all came loose and started falling out. I can only assume it's 'cause I got hit in the face with something back at the massacre. At the top, the hill ended in a cliff, which looked out over the sea. There was a small wooden house there, just two or three rooms.

While suddenly in one of these rooms, not-me decided it would be best to kill myself. Hopefully, before whoever it was who was following me up the hill got there. I did this not by doing the obvious of jumping off the cliff, but rather by setting the shack on fire. It was a fairly simple task as the shack was wooden, and this dream nicely forgot that snow makes wood damp.

So there I was, sitting in a burning room, while I could hear the person who had followed me yelling about fire and that I should get out.


And I can't tell you if I burned to death or not, 'cause at that point, my dream switched to a rather uninteresting one about gardening.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dream III

I was in a doorless, windowless room, dimly lit from cracks in the walls. It was empty, apart from eighteen faceless figures. Half had red hair, half had purple, all were wearing my clothes. They were all me, only... faceless. They stayed still, standing on the spot. I walked past and around them, and they turned their heads to follow me.
As I got to the middle of this group of faceless 'me's, they all started to move. Scared, I ran back to the edge of the room, pressed my back up against the wall and watched.

At the exact same time, each one of them brought their right hand up to their chest, then pushed it inside, through the clothes, the skin and cracking their bones. They paused for a moment before pulling their hands back out and holding their arms towards me, each one holding their own beating heart. One by one, they crumpled to the ground.

The last figure kept standing. The one furthest away from me. It hadn't ripped its own heart out. It was just standing there, head bowed forwards. I walked over. As I got close, it lifted its head up. Still faceless, like the others, but this one was different. This one wasn't me. The face shape was different, the build was different and it had feathers in its hair, which was a different shade of red. It looked at me (or, would have, if it had eyes) and said, somehow 'You did this.'
With those words, this figure reached forward and started sinking both of its hands into my chest, and a face began to form. A mouth, a nose, and the greenest eyes...

And that is where I woke up.
And I am glad.
No dream has freaked me out as much as that in a long time.

I must say, though, I do wonder what would have happened next.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Dream II

Strange dreams are strange.
I was with Salla, but she had to go somewhere to meet her sister, so she drove me somewhere and dropped me off, saying, basically, this is far as I can go, you can get home from here. After a short walk, I ended up in a little harbour town, and there were boats being pulled in my lovely fuzzy seals. I saw a sign which, as far as I could tell, looked like it was in Welsh. However, I decided that I couldn't be in Wales, that was stupid, 'cause I wasn't in the car long enough - I must be in Scotland.
Still having no clue where I was, I walked on and ended up near what seemed like an amazing water park, kinda like 'Wet 'n' Wild' (I should totally go there soon), and was thinking that I might have time to go there once I found out where I was and how I was getting home. Behind me, there was an information desk thing with someone who looked a bit like Phoe. I tried asking her where I was, and she spoke back at me in what was apparently 'Gaelic'. She managed to say in English that the girl who usually spoke in English wasn't there, and pulled out a leaflet which was in this unknown language (possible Gaelic?).
Still baffled, I turned and walked back the way I came and spotted Kenny (a friend of mine), who just happened to be in this place with Liam, Ash, Stacey and my ex. Stacey and my ex were making out in a corner. I grabbed the ex's face and dragged her away slightly, punched her in it and started yelling about everything she'd done to me, saying that she'd made me try to commit suicide. Her reaction was basically 'So what?' and she skipped off with Stacey.
I went back to Kenny and asked him where I was, but he wasn't very helpful. Him, Liam and I wandered over to a sweet shop, where I got pestered by a short, fat creeper boy who kept staring at my boobs. We left and ended up walking around some little.... thing. I'm not sure what it was, but it had a gift shop. Wandered around the gift shop to look at various wrist cuffs and bracelets - some tribal, some steampunk - and merrily tried them on.
Needless to say, I never found out where I was or how to get home, as I woke up at that point.

I do wonder where I started off with Salla, because I doubt that she drove me from Finland to apparently Scotland.
I did rather enjoy yelling at my ex, tough.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Dream I

Just a little snippet, because it's the most vivid in my mind.

Things led up to me being at some kind of convention (previous to that, where was a lake with little boats and other such things). My ex was there, and just blanked me. This really got to me, and I ended up chasing them, trying to get them to talk to me. I even scrawled down a letter and tried to forced it into their hand, but they wouldn't take it, and just walked off. I went after them, and just broke down as the walked up a rather upwards sloping path, yelling "Why won't you talk to me? I miss you!" and then gave a garbled explanation of how I meant I missed them as a friend, and nothing more than that, and I missed how we used to have fun and stuff, but they still just carried on walking.

Kinda baffling, that one...
Just makes me think 'I miss my ex?', but I imagine that it's just because I tried to ask them something on msn last night (for the first time in months, may I add...) as I thought they'd be the best person to help me out, and their current whatever replied instead. I got a bit urked by that...